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Social implementation initiatives for realizing cancer care that leaves no one behind

Research and multi-layered perspectives embedded in daily life through the use of information technology

The ancient connection to the land and cyclical symbiotic foundations of surviving with cancer

Recommendations for international public-private and cross-sectoral collaboration focused around the common challenge of cancer

Astellas’ Access to Health Initiative

BEAUTY (Bringing Education and Understanding to You) AND Health A Community Based Digitally Driven Intervention for Improvement of Cancer-Specific Health Knowledge, Literacy and Risk-Reduction Practices based within Community Barbershop and Beauty Salons in Malaysia for Screenable Male and Female Cancers and other Non-Communicable Diseases [NCDs]

The TOYOTA Foundation | International Grant Program

Our Goals



The Universal Declaration of Human Rights states that everyone has the right to share in scientific advancement and its benefits equally. Based on that spirit enshrined in the Declaration, with the aim of overcoming the common challenge of cancer that is faced by humanity as a whole, and linking it to human life in the Asian region, we have attempted to bring together several types of “intelligence”, which we have subsumed as the “3Cs.”


Progress in science bestows upon people the promise of limitless possibilities and the means to live longer. Humankind has devoted much time and effort in the fight against disease.

Of all diseases cancer causes the longest suffering and impediment to people’s lives, and the final brave fight against the disease, or the shock of being confronted with it creates a negative image among patients and their families.


The Asia Cancer Forum has been engaging with the global health community to share information about the current challenges for cancer in developing countries and to discuss future trends. Discussions also focus on how we can enhance communication and cooperate in improving the global health status.

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