3. Interdisciplinary Basis

Asia Cancer Forum considers that UHC for cancer in Asia can only be achieved through the collaboration of interdisciplinary experts, practitioners, and diverse knowledge that transcends the boundaries of disciplines.

We have been providing conceptual resources to the Cross-boundary Cancer Studies educational program at the University of Tokyo, with the aim of deepening the understanding of cancer as a social issue for students who will become the next generation of professionals and practitioners in a wide range of fields. Plans are now underway to collaborate with other universities in Asia on similar educational programs. This program is expected to become an innovation hub in the field of UHC for cancer in Asia beyond its borders in the future.

The development of teaching materials, RQs, data collection, analysis, and discussion obtained through this practice will serve as a qualitative research device for UHC research as a mutual learning experience within Asia.

Cross-boundary Cancer Studies

Provision of conceptual resources for the University of Tokyo lecture series “Surviving Cancer in Asia” (2011-)