1. Social implementation

Asia Cancer Forum’s vision of social implementation of UHC for cancer is to realize cancer care that leaves no one behind in Asia by developing a desirable organic structure by taking a bird’s eye view of the arrangement of experts and knowledge in the context of Asian communities.

The number of people living with cancer is rapidly increasing in the Asian community outside of hospitals due to the advancement of technology, aging population, and lifestyle changes, but society is still not prepared for this situation, and patients and their families are facing many difficulties. On the other hand, in the treatment field as well, in the absence of a grand design, experts in the field have worked hard to solve problems and have supported cancer treatment through repeated local optimization, causing difficult cases that are multilayered and intertwined. These structural problems have made it difficult to take full advantage of advances in medicine, therapeutic devices, and technologies such as AI, big data, and telemedicine, and we have not been able to fully enjoy the benefits of innovation.

 While cancer treatment in Asia is riddled with problems, international anti-cancer activities are dominated by Western frameworks for supporting developing countries, which do not exactly match the actual living conditions of Asian people. Therefore, Asia Cancer Forum will consider the realization of UHC for cancer in the Asian region from a bird’s eye view, and with the cooperation of a wide range of experts beyond medicine, will put it into practice, aiming for a sustainable society.


TOYOTA Foundation International Grants

International Grant Program 2021Theme: “Common Issues and Mutual Exchange in Asia: From Mutual Learning to Empathy”
“Shaping practice of mutual learning to redifine cancer and life without leaving anyone behind in local communities in Japan and China”

JICA Grassroots Activities

Medical education project in Harbin, Heilongjiang Province, supported by JICA Grassroots Cooperation

BEAUTY Program

“Live Me Beautifully.”
(BEAUTY-Bringing Education And Understanding To You)

UHC in Radiotherapy

Analyze the structural issues of radiation therapy, which has been slow to spread in the Asian region, and make recommendations for its social implementation.