2. Data

Data contributing to UHC of cancer in Asia, as conceived by Asia Cancer Forum, is a record of the entire bundle of phenomena that occur around the disease of cancer, not only in its medical aspects but also in its cultural and social aspects. In other words, it is a system of description that connects the world depicted by people’s vivid narratives with the world of data spelled out in the language of science.

In the field of cancer care, data that follows patients from diagnosis to treatment chronologically is necessary to understand the actual state of medical care, but there is a wide variety of data and differences in interpretation of data due to the different positions of stakeholders. In addition to the fact that many of the side effects and effects of medicines have profiles that are unique to Asian races, towards the end of the patient journey, they are strongly influenced by cultural background.

Based on the belief that medicine is universal but health care is local, Asia Cancer Forum will work with experts in a wide range of fields to find appropriate ways to collect “data” that reflect the actual state of diagnosis and treatment in the Asian region, as well as the social background, views on disease, and the actual state of health care.

QOL Indicator Study

Principal Component Analysis of HRQoL for Prostate Cancer