4. Policy recommendation

Asia Cancer Forum was launched in 2004 as the Asian Cancer Information Network in collaboration with the Asian High-Tech Network Conference (Prof. Jun Miyake, Osaka University). In 2007, we made a policy recommendation to the Japan-China Medical Initiative by the Abe/Wen Jiabao meeting. After holding the Asian Cancer Information Network Conference in Nanjing, China, the Forum was renamed Asia Cancer Forum in 2008 and has held a series of roundtables with experts from Japan and abroad. Asia Cancer Forum analyzes trends in international cancer collaboration based on the policy concept of UHC, and provides research results as evidence to make recommendations for policy implementation.

Asia Cancer Forum, Public-Private Meeting

Organizing international conferences among experts and multi-stakeholders in the public and private sectors, and publishing papers

UICC Activities

As a member organization of the Union Against Cancer (UICC), participated in international conferences and helped organize World Cancer Day in Japan