Social implementation

Visit to Shiseido Japan Co., Ltd.

SHISEIDO is a key partner in our activities. They are actively involved in initiatives to support cancer patients, embodying the concept of creating a better society through the ‘power of beauty. ‘ This was evident during my visit to the Life Quality Beauty Center.

During my visit to SHISEIDO Japan Co., Ltd., I had the opportunity to witness the transformative power of their beauty products. As someone who had suffered burns on the left half of my face in a childhood accident, I had resigned myself to the fact that the unevenness of my skin would not disappear even after transplant surgery. However, SHISEIDO’s products did an excellent job of covering it up, leaving me deeply impressed. The experience was so uplifting that on my way home, seeing my face reflected in the show window of Shiodome, I felt a little lighter on my feet.

A person’s appearance changes the inside of each person and the atmosphere of society. The mind and body are connected. When faced with something beyond one’s control, one needs a certain kind of strength. There must always be a positive element in life’s difficulties.

Beauty is the smartness of life that takes a negative card and turns it around into a positive one. I was thinking about this when I looked again at the brochure ACF produced in 2007.