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[Notice] “Surviving Cancer in the Community” to be held on September 30, 2012, considering life, aging, illness, and death


In the midst of a period of great change, with the super-aging and rapidly declining population, medical system reform and ICT, what is most necessary to survive with cancer in the community? Dr. Kakizoe, who has led cancer treatment in Japan as President of the National Cancer Center, continues to make memorial journeys for those who have lost their wives to cancer. We will hear a profound story from a man who has faced loss, rebirth, and cancer.

In the baritone concert, Dr. Ito, a doctor and junior colleague of Dr. Kakizoe at the University of Tokyo School of Medicine, will sing about the fundamental questions of human existence from an operatic viewpoint with his wonderful baritone voice. Dr. Yoshiko Kushida, president of the Toyama Opera Association, will also make a special appearance and lead us into the world of opera as she sings about the sorrows, sorrows, and joys of human beings.


Saturday, September 30
13:00 Baritone Concert on Life, Aging, Illness, and Death
14:00 Discussion between Tadao Kakizoe and Norie Kawahara

Main hall of Kokyoji Temple

Baritone Concert on Life, Aging, Illness and Death
Kaoru Ito (Doctor, baritone singer)
Yoshiko Kushida (President of Toyama Opera Association, Mezzo-soprano singer) Special Appearance
Mari Niimura (Pianist)


Dr. Tadao Kakizoe (President, Japan Cancer Society; Former President, National Cancer Center)
Dr. Norie Kawahara (Representative Director, Asian Cancer Forum)